Apr 9, 2010

But, It's Michael's 2nd Birthday Party!

With just over a month until Michael's 2nd birthday party, as I tirelessly finalize all of the last minute details, I can't help but think - am I going overboard?

And the answer is, ABSOLUTELY!

Surely I'm not the only mUm guilty of orchestrating a child's birthday party, that takes way too much time, costs way too much money, and in the end, while it looks fantastic, Michael and his little friends would have just as much fun playing with a stick.

And, after spending months planning Michael's 1st birthday party (Mod Monkey), which included custom photo invitations, a jumping castle, a custom birthday cake from Bliss Bakery, rented tables, linens and chairs for adults and miniature ones for the children (of which sat empty), a personalized banner, and table centerpieces, and, after falling on one of the hottest summer days on record, Chad and I agreed, never again!

Never again has gone by the wayside again, but the difference this year aside from the theme:Thomas the Tank Engine, is the budget, or lack thereof.

So, I decided, that, if I wanted to create a fabulous party on a Moonshine budget, I'd have to channel the 'do-it-yourself' queen....Martha Stewart and make 'almost' all of the decorations myself.

To be honest, I actually don't mind being creative, and, when it comes down to it, in Michael's eyes, my trains will look like Michaelangelo painted them himself, anyway.

Perhaps simplicity is the key, as I still remember how wonderful the birthday parties that my mUm and dAd planned for my sister and I were. Our backyard, was covered in streamers and balloons flittering in the wind, the stereo blasting, dancing, and of course, Limbo...what's a party without Limbo?

Of course, the excitement of piling into town to pick up the cake, is one of my fondest memories. It would always be a huge white sheet cake with flowers around the edges, and in blue or green writing say, "Happy Birthday Trudi".

So clearly I have inherited my dAd's, 'don't let anyone go hungry' gene because of course, Michael's and Alena's cakes are always big enough to feed at least a hundred people budget or no budget!


Because, the cake is the life of the entire party, the Happy Birthday song, the pictures, everything revolves around the CAKE, and with Bliss Bakery creating it again this year, I know that while my wallet's hurting, at least there's bloody fantastic cake!

Now, back to my garage workshop, I've got some painting to do!


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  1. hopped over from mom blogs. Sounds like a lot of fun. I have 3 daughters and I love birthday planning too. I used to spend way too much money until I realized the only things the kids cared about was the free stuff... games & presents. (& cake of course :)) hope the party was awesome


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