Aug 4, 2010

'Tween' Wolf

Am I the only mUm who wants to ring her 'tween' daughter's neck, because she is as annoying as an ingrown toenail?

What is it with this almost 11 year age phase that, one minute she displays the common sense of a pot plant, walking across the road without looking, and the next she's hanging out the washing unprompted? How did she go from the cute little girl wearing high pigtails doing the robot dance to a sulky pain in the ass?

Something is going on in that 'tween' mind of hers that clearly I, no matter how many times I bang my head against the wall, a gate, anything really, just can't relate to!

Is it the fact that she's torn between remaining a child, Daddy's little girl, and, wanting to fit in as an adult, or, is it the 'sassy TV child actress' syndrome, that virtually encourages young girls to bypass childhood altogether and jump right into a miniskirt, heels and a mouth that hails those smart a**ed, oh wait 'sassy' comments, that are way too mature for understanding?

'Sassy' is NOT cute!  Wherever 'sassy' came from, it needs to be disciplined and sent back!

By all other aspects, she's a normal 'tween', with clumsy footing, a ravenous wild animal appetite, Team Jacob posters on her wall, and a Twilight T-shirt, black of course, that unless I said otherwise, would have been worn every day this month, and likely probably into the next.

So, how long does this  last? Surely my mUm and dAd, had to put up with me like this at one point, right?

I would love some advice from mUm's and dAd's, because it's a boiling pot of frustration in our household and I'm sure not even this eye rolling, hunched shoulder, skulking around 'tween' even understands who she is right now?



  1. I have a great book I'd be happy to loan you titled "The Wonder of Girls - Understanding the Hidden Nature of Our Daughters." Good stuff in there. It won't really change anything behavior-wise, but it might help to have a little better understanding of all the "stuff" she is going through right now (which you no doubt did too at the same age :)

  2. Crap, so this means I have to go through it with Michael also...great, who signed me up for this?


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