Feb 20, 2011

Vintage Robots and a Midnight Train to Anywhere!

Although I didn't grow up playing with trains, I've always found them incredibly fascinating, and, clung to the romance of stowing away on a midnight train, and, as it chugs slowly across the land, under the glow of a warm Summer night's moon, my legs dangle outside the open box car, exhausted from running to jump aboard.

Throughout the night, it meanders through pine tree covered mountains, over rushing rivers far below and, come morning, I'm anywhere but where I started, far far away.

How I'd get home, or what I'd do once there, really hasn't come up, although I just know that one day, when I'm far too far away to cross paths with a friendly law enforcement officer, I'll boldly kindle this idea, and, promise to write about it here.

However, until that moment, I'll happily settle for reality, which, today includes a train-obsessed two year old and a visit to Greenberg's Train & Toy Show.   

Almost two-hours of watching some very expensive vintage model trains 'whoosh' and 'wheesh' along the tracks of their complex displays, and meandering through the endless stalls of vintage cars, it was time to...wait a second...what's this?   

Three 1940's vintage scratchy-noised, walking and sparking from the chest, tin robots: SOLD!  It may sound like an unusual purchase, however I love vintage robots (there's an ice-breaker).

From the original 1960's Dr. Who series, through to the 1980's Metal Mikey, my husband's Halloween costume, and now, to Michael's newly themed bedroom...take a guess 'Vintage Robot'.

I just love the simplicity and stiffness of vintage robots and how it takes me back to being a child, when toys were made differently, we could actually play in our yards without fear, and, when law suits were not a daily cup of coffee. (oh geez, I just realized that perhaps I'm a flashback closet geek)!

So, while Michael went to the train show for trains, all I got was childhood flashbacks and robots!

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  1. I love elephants! Weird, I know, but I think they are SO cool! Love your blog! I am a new follower, check out mine too...
    Thanks! -Jill

  2. Elephants are a new one, but they are incredibly amazing. Thanks for following, I'll be on your site as soon as I finish here...thanks again.



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