Feb 25, 2011

Some Things Just Never Get Old

It wasn't until today, when a friend started posting Chuck Norris statements online, that through my hysterical laughter, I realized, no matter what direction life has taken me, or how quickly or slowly time has passed, some things just never get old to me.

Certain feelings and emotions have been imprinted on my heart and mind, whether I choose them to be or not, and even when the sad ones creep though sometimes, I don't mind, because there's always the happy ones standing close by, and it's a wonderful thing when they pop up unexpectedly.

Like the smell and feel of freshly washed sheets off the line, reminds me of when I was younger, swinging on the clothesline in my Granny's back yard, or the smell of freshly baked muffins teasing to be eaten, or even better, my Dad's roast beef and potatoes wafting through the air...is enough to warm my soul even on the coldest day.

Or, when I'm driving, and I scream 'I LOVE THIS SONG, to one that I haven't heard in years,

Take On Me by 'a-ha', 80's bops me right into that high-tech video clip and into Morten's arms (he was totally new wave hot) and, It Must Have Been Love by Roxette has me sitting on a bus, with my 'tape recorder' and headphones, staring out the window, day-dreaming about an older boy, who has absolutely no interest in me whatsoever.

And, then there's the Night At The Roxbury, Zoolander and Happy Gilmore trio!  You know what I'm talking about: the head bopping move, and 'the files are in the computer', or the 'are you too good for your home', one-liners that usually make a regular appearance on many a drunken night out (or not).

I wonder if, when I'm pushing 90, sipping 'punch' and slow dancing with my saggy-bum husband, he'll look at me and say 'it's all in the hips'?  I hope so.

What imprints make you smile or take you back?



  1. Julia McGillFebruary 26, 2011

    I love your blog. I read it several times, and laughed each time. I even forwarded it on to some friends

  2. Young MC Busta Move and Watermelon Pucker. That makes me smile ( :


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